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Why Parents Choose TPL

We embark on this journey called Parenthood and ever so suddenly, our world completely changes. While it can be amazing and exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming and incredibly lonely. The Parents Lounge of Malverne was created in 2023 when two moms from Malverne felt the strong need for a supportive community and space that put parents and their children first. 

The Parents Lounge of Malverne wants to be on the journey of parenting with you and for you- through the ups and downs. The easy moments and the hard moments.

Parents, come lounge with us!

Group play

Engage in group play with peers in our open play space. Children will play in a learning environment that fosters language development through play and creativity. Best suited for walkers through 5.

Parent and Me Classes
Parent Only Classes
Educational Series

Our parent and me classes and educational series are structured as thematic lessons geared towards specific language-based activities. Classes will encourage age-appropriate receptive and expressive language enrichment. Classes will be led by certified teachers, counselors, and/or a speech language pathologist.

Parent only classes are just for the parents to come, lounge, and unwind after a long day!

Private play and Birthday Parties

Host a private play session or birthday party at The Parents Lounge! You bring the friends, we'll bring the fun!



Who We Are

The Parents Lounge of Malverne is owned and operated by Michelle and Monica, licensed and certified bilingual speech-language pathologists with a passion for language, movement, and evidence-based activities. At The Parents Lounge, we will offer experiences that foster active and collaborative learning between little learners and their caregivers. There are 6 stages of play during early childhood, all of which are important for your child’s development. While playing, children learn and develop important skills they will continue to use throughout their lifetime. Problem solving, creativity, and willingness to take risks are just a few of the skills developed through play. At The Parents Lounge of Malverne, we will ensure a safe environment to foster your child’s ability to learn and grow. And the best part- Parent only classes will also be offered to provide community-based parental support.

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